Dr. John

What's Your Total Symptoms Score?        Keeping Score in Functional Medicine        

Every doctors visit includes a form you must complete that lists a bunch of symptoms that you have to check off.  In conventional medicine this review doesn't mean too much- doctors look at it usually for specific symptoms related to the problem you are being seen for.  For example, if you were seeing the doctor because of pain in your neck he would care a lot if there was numbness in your arms or legs.   But most of the other symptoms you would check would just be recorded and the doctor moves on. 

Not so in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine doctors are "Wholisic" because we treat patients with a "Whole List" of problems. 

This Total Symptoms Score has an "official name"- the "MSQ" (Medical Symptoms Quotient)- but I think the "Total Symptoms Score" is easier for people to get. This is how we "keep score" with our patients. 

Take the quiz yourself!  But a couple points before you start: and find your Total Symptoms Score (

1. Don't just breeze through this and dismiss the questions.  Slow down.  Be honest.  We all have a tendency to ignore minor symptoms figuring they are just part of life.  They aren't!  
2. Each question asks you to rate the symptom 1-4 according to the scale on the sheet.  If you do have a symptom there are really 2 additional questions you must answer about it:  Is it occasional or frequent?  Is it mild or severe?  
3. Some questions have a few possible symptoms in the same question- circle the one that you have. 

That's it. Let's get started!