Dr. John

Hebrew Roots

Welcome to my "Hebrew Roots" page- a page available invitation only. If I gave you the link to this page I it is because I believe (perhaps wrongly ;-(  that you have some interest in The Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith. 

The HR movement is the fastest growing movement in Christianity- unusual because there is no "organization" or denominational church behind it. 

​Like countless others I have found that listening to stories about the early believers has tremendously strengthened my faith in Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ). 
I am making this information available that perhaps it might do the same for you.

A few preliminary thoughts:

 First, there is nothing here that is going to challenge the basic Christian belief of Jesus as the one and only Son of God and Redeemer of the Earth.  What you will find is much historical information about the early movement of believers before the official establishment of "The Church" in the fourth century. 

Second, in the Messianic movement you will find that many disagree on several points. No one has all the answers.  No one has it 100% right.  That's the whole point. There is no official church- no organization or group who decides what "official doctrine" is.  One old Messianic joke:  What's the fastest way to get 3 opinions?  Ask 2 Messianics anything." 

It's up to you to investigate and decide for yourself.  Discussion of disagreements is an opportunity for all of us to practice humility and grace.  Also along these lines- be careful criticizing anyone with a different opinion.  Next week you might meet someone else that presents the other side better and you might change to the other side.  Such is the Messianic movement.  

I have available a few talks from www.tsiyon.org- the primary Messianic ministry I listen to. Almost 10 years ago when I started listening to them they were pretty unique- now Messianic minstries are everywhere.  If this information resonates with you I would invite to join Tsiyon's global online Messiannic community at www.tsiyon.org,or one or more of several other Messianic communities you may find.  I have met and been to Eliyahu Ben David's home and can tell you he and his family live a very austere life and could benefit from the $12/month it costs you to join. 

The Tsiyon talks are arranged that together they make up a "course" in Messianic studies. The early talks are a bit rough on some edges- they get more polished as the series goes on.  The first 2 talks are just an introduction to the Messianic movement- talk 3 begins a talk on the family of Yeshua (Jesus) that I recommend it highly.  I have listened to talks 3 and up many, many times and learned more each time. 

I have also listed a number of my favorite "Messianic" ministries.  

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!
www.tsiyon.org                       Messianic Radio

wilburministries.com              Paul Wilbur- Messianic Music

passionfortruth.com              Excellent Video Talks

119ministries.com                 Excellent talks (I don't agree with all of them)

There are other more "edgy" ministries but I would start with these.