Dr. John Bowman

Consultation Fee Schedule
and Financial Policies
At the current time, we do accept in Medicare and participate in a minimum number of health plans.  Please note that health plan coverage for Functional Medicine tests may be limited.  

In regards to Regenerative Orthopedics- no health plans or Medicare cover prolotherapy, PRP or any type of stem cell procedure.  
Dr. Bowman works as a Functional Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedic consultant to you and your existing health care team.
He is not a primary care provider who you can call when you are ill or have an acute problem or injury.
Our patients are required to document that they have a primary care physician and that we are not available to treat acute problems. 
You should continue with your current primary care provider regarding preventive health care practices that s/he provides within the scope of conventional medical and orthopedic care, including but not limited to cancer screening protocols and vaccinations.  
Consultation Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation

Functional Medicine  (90 min)

Regenerative Orthopedics
-1 or 2 joints/areas  (45 min)
-3 or 4 joints/ areas (60 min)

30 minute FU consult

45 minute FU consult

60 minute FU consult

90 minute FU consult

Each additional 15 minutes