Dr. John

The Bowman Diet:  An Overview 

“The Bowman Diet” is a 500 calorie per day modified HCG diet. It combines the proven health benefits of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) with the dietary advances found in the Atkins, Crinnion (“Clean, Green and Lean), Elimination, Feingold, HCG, Paleo, and Virgin diets. While you can lose weight with any of these diets- 
The Bowman Diet combines all these dietary principles into one super-powered weight loss program.

Over the course of your diet we will review why each of the diets listed above work. But it’s easier simply TO DO the Bowman Diet, and learn about WHY it is so effective as you go along.

OVERVIEW OF DIET: The diet lasts 21 to 40 days- this means you are taking the HCG either 21 or 40 days. The diet actually lasts 2 days beyond the number of days you take the HCG- but Dr Simeon, the Italian endocrinologist who invented the HCG diet- termed the diets the 21 day diet and 40 day diet, so I do also. 

The diet consists of 4 phases: 
1. START UP PHASE (The Low Carb “Feast” Days)- The first 2 days of the diet. You are encouraged to eat A LOT of healthy food on these days. During this phase you DO take the supplements listed, you DO take the HCG, and you DO need to follow “The Feast Day” diet recommendations. You should take an appetite suppressant to eliminate cravings to maintain 100% compliance on the diet. 
2. 500 CALORIE PLUS HGC PHASE- The next 19 or 38 days on the diet. During this phase you MUST eat 3 times per day- each around 150-200 calories. Each meal consists of 3 ounces of healthy meat plus 3 ounces of healthy green veggies- either raw (a salad) or cooked as described below. Late in the diet (not initially) you can substitute a Protein Shake drink for a meal- I encourage using the shake for breakfast. During this phase you DO take the supplements listed, you DO take the HCG, you DO follow the “500 Calorie Phase” diet instructions, and you DO take an herbal or appetite suppressant.  
3. BODY RECALIBRATION PHASE: The next 2 days on the diet. During this phase you continue to eat exactly as you did in phase 2. During this phase you DO take the supplements listed, you DO NOT take the HCG, you DO follow the “500 Calorie Phase” diet instructions, and you DO take an herbal or appetite suppressant. For many on a traditional HCG Diet without an appetite suppressant, these are the hardest days, since the HCG itself acts as an appetite suppressant for most people. 
4. FOOD REINTRODUCTION PHASE: After the diet is over we encourage people to continue with a 1000-1500 calorie per day diet using the principles you have learned during the diet. This phase is very individualized and will vary based on your food sensitivities. Those who wish to repeat the 500 calorie HCG diet should spend at least 6 weeks in this phase before doing so. 

Many have safely hit their weight loss goals using The Bowman Diet- you can too! My diet invokes powerful immunological and detoxification principles that require 100% adherence for maximum effectiveness. You are not allowed to cheat- even a little. The Bowman Diet is for serious weight loss when you are serious about losing weight.  

“Either do, or don’t do. There is no ‘try’.” Yoda 

The cost of the program is $800.  For this you get:

Required Supplements                                       Value:  $811
One 15-20 Minute Visit Before Starting                          $100
A step by step- day by day- guide to both how to do the program and the science behind the program.
                                                                                        Priceless  ;-)
For those in the Los Angeles area: Weekly group weigh ins and discussion (optional)         

In Los Angeles, the weekly weigh in and discussion will be Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, the first starting January 14.  
On Weds AM 7:30 there will be a group weigh in with simple question/ answers with information on reading/ viewing items discussed previous evening. This session is strictly limited to 45 minutes since clinic will be starting after. 

Other expenses you will have include food (which usually is LOWER then most people already spend on food), prescriptions for appetite suppressants and HCG- should you elect to take either (both are recommended but not required and I have had patients successfully complete the program on both, one without the other, and neither one.  Protein drinks (highly recommended later in the program) are also not included in the initial price since the choice of protein drink (or whether you will even use them) is so variable.  However, the protein drinks are meal replacement drinks and are generally less then you are already spending on food. 

If you haven't done it yet, I urge you to complete the "MSQ" form below.  Be sure to read and follow the directions at the top- you should end up with a numerical score at the end.

Otherwise, lets continue with some more information on the diet: