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Healing Chronic Pain through
 Therapeutic Patient Relationships for Over 30 Years
"Despite advances in medicine occurring on a daily basis, physicians are slow to change their practices. Many different interventions have been studied... (however) physicians rely on a core knowledge base acquired in medical school and through subsequent experiential learning. Much of what is practiced and taught in medicine is based on plausible theory, but in some cases there is no direct evidence to support it. Some practices are grandfathered in with no questioning as to the validity of what is taught or practised."  
  JABFP 1999; 12(02): 1202-07.

"I need a miracle!"  
A real example of the power of Functional Medicine (more)...
John M Bowman, MD
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My west Las Vegas office should be opening shortly for Functional Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedics.  Appointments can be made by emailing me at 



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